Sunday, February 5, 2012

Over and Undership

As I mentioned earlier, the models are still under construction. I may have to putty some areas and repaint others. Most obvious is the missing white dome that needs to be attached over the Enterprise's hangar bay. I MIGHT spray the insides of the Enterprise's bussard scoops clear orange. The models still need gloss-prep for decal placement. But the solution needs to be ordered. A local store has Testor's decal solvent, which I'm tempted to get, tho I've never used it before. From my experience Micro Set and Solvaset are really good for this sort of thing.

I wanted to show some of the weathering I applied on these, mostly in the form of dirt or maybe chemical streaks. While that effect can be seen on the original Enterprise to some degree or another, the Klingon vessel's weathering was usually more of a subtle tonal staining. But I like my Klingon ships really dirty, even the classic design. The streaking around her photorp tube is a bit exaggerated and resembles the K'Tinga'a design elements around her launcher, but that doesn't bother me. I may wind up repainting her entire underside anyhow and I'll get into my color choice for the D-7 later.

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