Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fast Forward to 1967

Here is an overhead of the 3 Star Trek models I have that are closest to completion. From left to right: 1)USS Enterprise, 2nd Pilot version, 2)Enterprise, production version and 3)Klingon D-7. The three are mostly painted and have a few small parts that need attaching. They are still not adorned with decals, as I'm awaiting the decal solvent solution that has to be ordered.

Personally, I think I nailed the colors on these babies. That said, NAILED them from an "interpretive" stand point. If I am making models, especially at this small scale, WITHOUT any electrical lighting installed, I will usually color them in a way that gives them an on-screen appearance. But even then, I'm attempting to color them in such a way that only appears to REMIND you of what you saw on the tv or wherever. The 1st ship on the left was originally painted almost white. The final production Enterprise (center) was a much paler gray that was actually more greenish. Those are the correct colors without question. But the Enterprise sometimes appears somewhat bluish in scenes. So I have painted them all a darker shade to emphasize their on-screen looks under certain lighting conditions. Even then, I might augment a color.

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