Friday, February 3, 2012

Aft Torpedoes Armed!

Here are some views of the undersides of my Polar Lights models. Again, still decal-less for the time being. I'm definitely not the best photographer in the world and I have to say that the harshness of the camera has captured many flaws that I couldn't see with my naked eyes. but that helps to make them better, even if it does mean more puttying, sanding and repainting.

It's also hard to capture the colors correctly. The Enterprise in the middle is actually a greener blue-gray, Tamiya's Dark Ghost Grey to be exact. And the blue tones on the Klingon vessel are more aqua. I'll explain more about my color scheme for the D-7 later on.


  1. Nice work on these. Is that a second set of p/s lights on the Enterprise models?

  2. Thanks Tony! There are an additional set of lights for now. They're molded on the models already. But they appear to actually be 3 lights on each side in some shots, mostly visible on the newer CG or "Hi-Def" Enterprise of the remastered series. I think the kit(s) bring decals for these, as rows of three, while only molding one (go figure). I'll have to look into how accurate this is, although I'm not entirely going for accuracy, more of an aesthetic that captures the feel of the thing. I'll admit however I do start from some point of accuracy. While deciding on the colors of the Klingon D-7, I searched the net for pictures of the filming model and found THREE similar yet differently painted models that are reputed to be the one and only true thing!

    The model of the TOS Enterprise hanging in the Smithsonian is currently a mint green-gray with VERY pronounced grid-lines. I know it's been touched up once or twice. There are older pictures of that very same model it where it's a light but rather bright blue with fainter grid lines. I'll be posting some of those pics eventually as they're on several blogs and forums already.

    Are you currently making these also?

  3. Yeah I've seen the filming model at the Smithsonian but that was before the restoration so it still appeared blue and the grid lines were subtle. I've read arguments for the green version claiming it's the more accurate coloring but I agree with you that the scheme that works best is one that's closer to what you remember seeing on screen. I think you've done an excellent job matching the color of these ships. I've been working on a modified Excalibur cg model but I'm still a ways from texturing (painting) it.