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Kripitera Class Destroyer (クリピテラ級航宙駆逐艦)

An animation cell showing a fleet of Clipitera accompanying Emperor Desler's blue command Ship. Emperor Desler was renamed Desslok in the American dubbing by Voyager back in 1979. Image is courtesy of Cosmo DNA. As I mentioned earlier, Cosmo DNA is an excellent site for English-speaking fans.

In this screen capture from Yamato 2199, you can see two Kripiteras side by side on the Floating Continent in episode 3. Bandai's Garmillas Set 2 includes 2 of these sleek destroyers. It makes perfect sense. These are the most common warcraft used by the Gamiras. And they are often seen traveling in close proximity, evoking the sense of ambush predators hunting in a pack.

They are among my favorite of the Yamato 2199 designs, which is the reason I got this kit first.

Although I wanted to make two identical green destroyers, I finally decided and made one in the Royal Guard blue. My camera is very sensitive to blue and this is not the actual color of the finished model. The actual finish is a lot more toned-down. A LOT.

The engine exhaust on the green Gamiras/Gamilon ships in the anime appear fuschia or magenta. The "eyes' glow a soft lime and then change to bright yellow and orange when the ships are charging for battle. The blue ships of the Elite Guard have slightly different light effects. The "eyes" and engines glow a bright yellow-white that changes to hot pink in areas.

That's still not the actual blue. Why does my camera do that?!?!?

Bandai created a standard display system that allows most of the models from the same series to be interchanged on the different stands so you can mix and match your favorite ships. For this reason I haven't added the decals yet. The labels for the models look very cool in Katakana and Kanji. But I might switch the combinations of spacecraft from other sets. So I'll wait a bit before adding names to them.

The design of this is sleek and squid-like. I feel like the creators of these machines were seeing submarines in space, as well as surface vessels. 

This picture above captures the color of the blue a little bit better. I forgot to clean the models before photographing! Excuse my dust!

Here are the destroyers next to Colonel Schultz's larger Gaiderol battleship. I love these things!

A photo showing them next to some familiar objects for size reference. 

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