Monday, August 25, 2014


Gaiderohl Class Battleship (ガイデロール級)

The Gaiderol (alternative spelling), first appeared in episode 9 of the original Space Battleship Yamato of 1974. It was commanded by Colonel Walke Schultz. You can see a Clipitera class destroyer right under it in this image, courtesy of Cosmo DNA, an excellent site for english-speaking fans.

The Yamato 2199 version is very true to the original design. The colors have been simplified and there's a lot more surface detail.

This is one of my favorite ships from the whole series. In my opinion, Yamato has some of the most original designs in anime as well as science fiction.

The look of Yamato is inspired by WWII military vehicles. The Yamato herself is the rebuilt battleship from WWII. There are fighters and bombers that engage in aerial dogfights in space. Battleships like this one have rotating turrets and fight battles side by side, just as they did in the 1940's.

The designs of the Great Gamiras (Gamilon) Empire incorporate a mixture of WWII sensibilities with organic shapes that are reminiscent of sea creatures. Gaiderol looks a bit like a giant catfish or lamprey. These designs were ahead of their time for 1974. That's 3 years before Star Wars!

I left the underside below the waterline mostly unpainted and simply panel-lined. I primed the inside of the engine in white and painted it a bright magenta, imitating the color of the exhaust in the anime. I've seen some more advanced modelers illuminate the model with LED's, which looks amazing. But I'm satisfied with the way mine turned out using old-fashioned hand-painted lighting tricks.

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