Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back from the Ashes - Reviving my damaged Star Trek models

It has been nearly a YEAR since I started on these Polar Lights kits of the Original Series Enterprise and Klingon D7! And now 11 months later I find myself having to repaint them entirely due to the fact that I used what I consider generic Clear Gloss Spray that almost completely ruined them! For ethical reasons I'm refraining from naming the evil product in question that gave my children a tacky(sticky) finish. But it is not gloss spray from Home Depot like Krylon or anything like that. It was a domestic and very common brand of "model paint" found at any Toys"R"Us or Michael's. 

I had gone to some time-consuming lengths investigating and gathering all the resources I could find such as studio photos and magazine articles containing interviews with Matt Jeffries and others to try to get the most accurate color schemes possible. And since I wanted to not just replicate exact studio colors but to tweak them to what I call "Screen Apparent" colors, I had to mix the crap out of the violet grays and the blue grey on the D7 for example. Even the cool blue-violet grey on the pilot Enterprise is hand cranked (I despise yellow-grays, with few exceptions). All modelers have to go through this process of making that "special color" you can't buy anywhere.

But how frustrating to have to sand everything down to start all over again after weeks of cutting, puttying, sanding, etc... So these are my shots of these models undergoing sanding and repainting refit. I was put off for months but I'm not giving up that easily.

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